The Mystery of Opposites — Commentary by A. Helwa

“And of everything we have created opposites, so that you might bear in mind that God alone is one.” (Qur’an 51:49)

“Nothing can be clear without a polar opposite.” (Rumi)

Allah is that which unites yes with no, for in His singularity all duality is mysteriously united.  Allah is both the bridge between the unseen and seen realms and the meeting point between existence and nonexistence. However, paradoxically, Allah is also the ground of polarity, both fully the manifestation of the inner (Al-Batin) and fully the manifestation of the outer (Az-Zahir).  “God is outside of things, but not in the sense of being alien to them; and He is inside of things, but not in the sense of being identical with them.”  ~Iman Ali

It is as a result of these seemingly contradicting statement that Allah is, by definition, that which breaks the mind. As the mystics say, “Only God can know God” because “there is none comparable to Him.” (Qur’an 112:4)   Therefore, by definition, Allah has no opposites, and since the human mind understands the world through association and comparison, it is rendered incapable of understanding a singular God who cannot be divided into parts and is unlike any other thing known to man.  “Vision does not encompass Him; He encompasses vision.  He is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things.”  (Qur’an 6:103)

We cannot express Allah’s eternal and transcendent nature with mortal tongues.  We cannot shove infinity into the finite arms of 26 letters.  This is why the follower of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Abu Bakr, said, “Our inability to comprehend God’s infinite nature does not mean we cannot have a relationship with God; rather, it means our experience of God begins through admitting our ignorance before His all-encompassing knowledge.” 

It is only from a place of humility that we can begin to experience a connection with God.  It is only when we put our ego aside and see the limited nature of our intellect that we can begin to walk on the path of faith.  As Rumi beautifully says, “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment,” – for the end of all you know is the beginning of your journey to Allah.

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