“God Always Prepares a Way of Emergence” (Qur’an 65:2)

“Fear not: for I am with you. I hear and see everything.”  (Qur’an 20:46)

“The Ocean cares for every wave
 Until it reaches the shore.
 You are given more help
 than you will ever know.”  ~ Rumi

Do you understand who you are?  You are a reflection of God’s love.  Like snowflakes, we all come in different shapes, with a unique mission on Earth.  No matter what your calling is, this world is depending on you.  Existence is a puzzle: without you in it, it would be incomplete.  Now is the time for you to step into all that you know you can be, but have been afraid to become.   God is speaking to you when He says, “Do not be afraid.  I am with you” (20:46). God is speaking to you when He says, “I created you for Myself” (20:41).  God did not promise you that the path to goodness would always be easy, but the Qur’an did say, “Allah is with those who patiently persevere” (8:46).

You will be tempted, troubled, and tested with trials, but with Allah by your side you will be triumphant.  As the Propjet (pbuh) beautifully reminds us, “Be mindful of Allah, and He will take care of you.  Be mindful of Allah, and you shall find Him at your side.  If you ask, ask of Allah.  If you seek help, seek help from Allah.  Know that if the whole world were to gather together to benefit you, they would not be able to benefit you, except with that which Allah has already prescribed for you.  And if the whole world were to gather together to harm you, they would not be able to harm you, except with that which Allah had already prescribed for you.  The pens have been lifted and the pages are dry.”  (Collection: Tirmidhi)

Allah has written a perfect love story between you and Him.  Everything you face, every mountain you summit, every sea you cross, and every desert you walk through was put in front of you as a means for you to get to know yourself and your Lord.  Every pleasure and pain, every success and failure, and every up and down is from Allah.  Everything you witness is a calling for you to return to Him.  Allah has been waiting for you.  He has always been right here, closer than your jugular vein, closer than the breath in your lungs, closer than the words on your tongue.  God is here with you.  Return to Him.

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