Rightly Guided Ones – Commentary by A. Helwa

By A. Helwa

“Follow those who ask no reward of you and are themselves rightly guided.” (Qur’an 36:21)

“Join together in the mutual teaching of truth and patience.”(Qur’an 103:3)

Find someone the sight of whom reminds you of God The awe of whom moves your heart, Who counsels you not with the tongue of words,  but with the tongue of deeds.” ~Ibn Khafif

The purpose of Islam is to be a face of surrender to God’s loving will on Earth for all people.  The principles of Islam teach us to be messengers of peace – to be like water, gentle enough to wash away tears and strong enough to drown hatred.  To be Muslim is to protect the weak, the orphan, the beggar, the disabled of all races and cultures.  To be Muslim is not to be color-blind, but to see differences between people and to celebrate that diversity as a product of the free will that God chose to give us.

To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks, but a special heart that listens. 

I deeply pray for this Ummah. We are called to stand for the truth with mercy and to guide people with love, knowing that Allah alone decides their path.  If someone online only posts hate videos, calling people out, please run away as far as you can.  I am not speaking about victims or people hurt by others; they have a right to share their story and I support them fully.  This is about people who just create drama from wanting to see conflict.  If our calling of a brother and sister to Islam is not from love and humility, then we have a lot more to worry about with our own Islam than anyone else’s.  Please protect your peace and only consume content that inspires you and amplifies the light in your heart.  This is about protecting our heart and our journey and our relationship with Allah.  Nothing is more important. 

I ask Allah to forgive us for shaming one another. I pray that Allah shields us from enjoying watching other people’s downfalls.  We need to create space for one another, to keep the door of return open.  We learn from teachers, but we follow the Prophet (pbuh) of mercy.  He is our role model.  When people try to mercilessly cancel people online and then say they are following the Sunnah, don’t trust the long beard and good Arabic.  We need to feel what is in their hearts.  Then protect yourself from the darkness.  Remember the shaytan grew up in Paradise, so someone knowing the Qur’an and hadith says nothing about their humility.  You can speak well and be convincing and still be arrogant, still be doing the shaytan’s work.  I feel blessed to have a supportive community.  I am praying for the Ummah and asking Allah to help us be kinder and softer in how we approach one another and our faith.

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