Polishing the Heart

By Jamal Rahman

Render your innermost hearts pure of all dross.”  ~ Qur’an 3:154

If you get irritated by every rub, how will the mirror of your heart ever be polished?”   ~ Rumi

The Qur’an explains that every act of wrongdoing stains the heart. If untreated, this creates, metaphorically speaking, a veneer of rust on the heart. Thoughts and feelings become mangled and distorted. We experience separation from our true nature. Life feels burdensome.

The Prophet Muhammad suggested a remedy using the same metaphor of rust. For every rust, he explained, there is a polish. And, the polish for rust of the heart is “remembrance of God.” By this he meant that through spiritual practices we remove our impurities and infuse our being with divine attributes which include love, compassion and awareness. We are asked to engage in the inner work of becoming a better human being.

The inner work is difficult and inconvenient. We are strongly encouraged to persist in the work of purification. The Prophet assures us that we shall receive abundant help and guidance from Spirit. Take one step towards God and Divinity takes ten steps towards you.

A polished heart reflects the face of Allah who is omnipresent. We feel the glow of Presence in our hearts as we journey through the peaks and valleys of life. No matter what our circumstances, we are blessed by inner peace and divine guidance.

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