By Jamal Rahman

“He is the One who sends down rain
After they have lost all hope
And unfolds His Grace.”      (Qur’an 42:28)

Never lose hope my heart
  Miracles dwell in the Invisible.
  If the whole world turns against you
  Keep your eyes on the Friend.”      ~Rumi

In times of utter despair, hold on to faith in Allah who is the “Lord of Grace abounding.” (Qur’an 2:105) Relief and support from Divinity will arrive. There is much that goes on in those mysterious realms about which we have little understanding. Rumi reminds us that there is “traffic and trade” in the invisible realms. Sometimes miracles materialize quickly.  At other times, divine help is delayed for reasons unknown to us. But, eventually, justice and truth prevail.

 The Prophet Muhammad, early in his ministry, felt despondent and abandoned. In vain he prayed for help from God. Finally, after a long time, a revelation burst forth assuring the Prophet that God had not forsaken him. Tenderly, God reminded him that when he was a helpless orphan, he had received refuge, care and guidance. All of this happened by mercy and grace of Spirit. Rest assured, the Qur’anic verse continues, that “your Lord will soon give you so amply that you will be well-pleased.” (93:5) The revelation ends with two pieces of counsel, “Therefore, be not harsh with the orphan and chide not him who asks,” and “proclaim the bounty of your Lord.” (93:9-11) 

There are a couple of important insights from this revelation. Especially in times of affliction, continue to be of service to God’s creation. Second, no matter how pressed you are, do not neglect your prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God. In Rumi’s words, do not fail to be at attendance in the divine court.

 Sustain hope and be patient in the midst of difficulties. Your attention to abiding service on earth and prayers to God will be rewarded by heavenly blessings. If, metaphorically, your earth is parched, the waters of divine mercy will descend and the “earth will be clothed in green.” (Qur’an 22:63)

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