Kindness, Compassion and Mercy–Commentary by A. Helwa

“We have sent you (oh Prophet) as a mercy for all humankind.”(Qur’an 21:107)
“If kindness were a visible creation, nothing which Allah has created would be more beautiful than it. “~The Prophet Muhammad

One of the many reasons the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been respected and honored by Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide is due to his honesty and unique ability to find a peaceful resolution to conflicts that faced his community.

Begin Right Now – Commentary by A. Helwa

“Truly by token of time, humankind is in loss..”(Qur’an 103:1-2)
“Half of life is lost in charming others. The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others. Leave this play. You have played enough.” ~Rumi

No matter how far astray we have gone, no matter how far from God we have wandered, no matter how many sins we have committed, no matter what we have done or said, there is no place too far for God’s infinite forgiveness and mercy to reach.