Honor and Protect the Earth – Commentary by A. Helwa

“Assuredly the creation of the heavens and earth is greater than the creation of humankind. Yet most people understand not.” (Qur’an 40:57)

There are no images or idols in Islam, so that man doesn’t limit God to a form.  Nonetheless, true monotheism is not just belief in a single God, but the ability to see a reflection of God in everything, for everything is infused and animated through the love of God.  The Qur’an speaks to God’s infinite and incomprehensible knowledge by declaring the following: 

And if all the trees in the earth were pens and the sea with seven more seas to help it were ink, the words of Allah could not be exhausted.  Allah is Exalted and Mighty and Wise.”  (Qur’an  31:27)

It is not information in the form of words that results in belief, but rather the truth of faith is unveiled when we open the eyes of our heart through humility to the light of God.  The light of truth is hidden within the words of revelation and divine signs reflected in the creation, and is accessed through gratitude and humble reverence of God.  It is through divine grace and the fostering of gratitude and humility that our vision is widened, making us receptive to receive the divine inspiration behind the many miracles of God that already surround us. After all, we live on a planet graced with seas and trees, floating in space around a ball of fire that creates the day, and a moon that creates the waves – and still some days we say God does not exist. 

As the Qur’an says, “It is He who has created the seven heavens, one above the other.  You cannot see any fault in the creation of the Universally Merciful.  Look again: Do you see any fault?”  (Qur’an 67:03) 

The Qur’an calls us to contemplate natural phenomena, so that through observing the intricate mystery of creation we can logically conclude that such precision is not an outcome of random chance.  The greatest evidence of God is not in what the eyes can capture, but in what completely bewilders and transcends the eyes.  Mystics throughout time have said that they believe in God like they believe in light, not because they can see light, but because through it they see everything else.

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